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Get to know UMD faculty, students, and other members of our scholarly community who advocate for open and equitable scholarship and have actively worked towards making Maryland's research more visible, accessible, affordable, and transparent.


Holly Brewer headshot.
Holly Brewer, Associate Professor of History

The campaign for open access is complicated. How does one balance the costs of copy editing, marketing, printing, and other expenses of quality publishing with the fact that publicly funded research should be available to the public at little to no cost?

This is a topic Holly Brewer, University of Maryland Burke Chair of American Cultural and Intellectual History, Associate Professor of History, and Co-Chair of the… Continue

Patricia Alexander Headshot.
Patricia Alexander, Professor, College of Education

A perplexing question for Dr. Patricia Alexander, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, and head of the Disciplined Reading and Learning Research Lab at the University of Maryland, concerns finding a balanced, pragmatic approach to the challenges and barriers facing open access.

As a researcher, editor, and editorial board member to more than 12 journals, Alexander… Continue

Antoine Borrut
Antoine Borrut, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, History Department

As the global open access scholarship movement gains momentum, many scholarly associations grapple with the complex issue of whether and how to convert their traditional, subscription based journals to an online, open access model. In a few cases, however, the conversion to open access (OA) was achieved by scholarly associations very early in the OA movement, mostly through the hard work of key leaders who recognized the value of equitable… Continue